W 63rd and McIntyre Intersection


The City of Arvada has received questions and concerns about traffic growth and redevelopment projects near W. 63rd Avenue and McIntyre. This intersection is unsignalized and considered “full movement.” The existing crosswalk provides connectivity to a trail system on the east side of McIntyre and shopping areas to the west.

The City maintains a Comprehensive Plan that helps provide a framework for land use and transportation needs concerning growth and development throughout the city. Additionally, the City's development review process requires traffic studies in an area when development is proposed. Together, this framework informs infrastructure planning and allows for continuous evaluation of the needs of the traveling public.

Prior to 2019, traffic studies and redevelopment projects in this area had not resulted in a decision to change the intersection configuration. In 2019, public meetings associated with a senior housing development project resulted in a City response to evaluate the unprotected McIntrye crosswalk for pedestrian safety improvements. In response to these concerns, the City has been working through the analysis and design of a protected pedestrian crossing at this location.

What’s happening now

Pedestrian crossing design

The analysis and design of a pedestrian crossing at this location are in progress. The City is committed to implementing a protective environment for safe pedestrian crossing. A traffic signal is also being considered at this location. Ultimately, the design will include a traffic-controlling system that provides safe traffic operations for all modes (vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist).

There are additional concerns about traffic movements at the intersection that need further analysis. There are no current plans to restrict the intersection to right-in, right-out, or no left turns. The City will continue ongoing evaluation and additional improvements or changes may be proposed in the future with increased traffic demand. We will also continue to explore appropriate speed management strategies to reduce speeding along the corridor to balance traffic mobility and safety.

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The Public Works Department is maintaining a contact list for this project to continue communicating prior to modifications to the intersection. 

Please email [email protected] if you would like to be added to the contact list for this area.