Recently Completed Park Projects

The City of Arvada checks parks and playgrounds across the City for accessibility, maintenance and safety issues as part of the City’s “Taking Lasting Care” (TLC) Program that began in 2012 under direction from City Council. This program is funded through the City's Capitol Improvement Plan, which is reviewed and approved by City Council each year.

Ideally, one or more parks are prioritized based on age or wear for improvements depending on the budget, scope and staff capacity. Some improvements may be prioritized ahead of other parks in order to achieve these City goals.

The renovation of the playground at Creekside Park (5897 Pierce St.) was completed as part of the City's Taking Lasting Care program in August 2023. Visit the Creekside Park playground renovation project page to learn more.  

new playground with slides, a teeter totter and climbing walls

new playground with a play structure and climbing net