Water Treatment Plant Replacement


The Arvada Treatment Plant is one of two water treatment plants that serve Arvada water customers. The plant was built in 1979 and as it nears the end of its useful life, it needs to be replaced. The replacement process is a part of planning for the short and long-term future of water treatment within the City. This includes creating a plan for:

  • treatment location(s), 
  • sizing of treatment at each location, 
  • phasing of construction for future water demand.

The potential locations identified will provide for long-term replacement construction without jeopardizing on-going treatment needs.

Treatment Plant Siting Study

A study was recently conducted to determine the site of a replacement water treatment plant. City of Arvada water customers were asked to provide feedback (view the full engagement report) and are encouraged to learn more about the study and the areas being considered at ArvadaSitingStudy.com. The project team is incorporating public feedback as a part of the decision making process. 

Community Feedback

Over 1,500 people interacted with the online forum and over 150 people provided feedback. Themes from the feedback included:

  • cost effectiveness in construction and operation of the new facility
  • preservation of open space as much as possible
  • ensuring security to continue safely delivering high-quality, reliable water to customers

This decision will impact the Arvada community for decades to come. A decision of this magnitude takes time and the thoughtful consideration of impacts today and in the future. A final decision is expected toward the end of 2023 or early 2024. 

Several videos about the process are available on the City's YouTube page: