Press Releases

The City of Arvada Communications Division is committed to disseminating timely and accurate information, which includes issuing press releases to the media and key stakeholders. 

Contact Information

Members of the media or other interested parties can contact our Communication professionals using the following contact information:

Communications and Engagement Director Rachael Kuroiwa, 720-898-7507 or email Rachael Kuroiwa

Arvada Police Department Public Information Officers: Detective David Snelling, 720-898-6654 or email Dave Snelling. Chase Amos, 720-898-6668 or email Chase Amos.

Community and Economic Development Communication Manager: Liz Johnson, 720-898-7013 or email Liz Johnson.

Infrastructure Communication Manager: Katie Patterson, 720-898-7607 or email Katie Patterson.

Vibrant Community and Neighborhoods Communication Manager: Sean Star, 720-898-7393 or email Sean Star.