Arvada Chief Information Officer named top 10 City Government CIO

The City of Arvada is proud to announce that Chief Information Officer (CIO) Craig Poley has been honored as a Top 10 City Government CIO by Government CIO Outlook. The technology magazine focuses on the trends, challenges and opportunities for information technology (IT) in government. The Top 10 City GOVT CIO 2023 recognizes CIOs who have played an important role in understanding and implementing technological and operational processes seamlessly in their cities.

According to Government CIO Outlook, Poley was chosen for his “Unique blend of executive competencies including strategic IT planning, operational requirements and continuous improvement.”

Poley stated, “We want to be able to relate and comingle data from different assets and systems so that we can really start to make better data driven decisions, and we can really start to drive our city forward using all these different datasets and AI capabilities.”

Craig was named the City of Arvada’s Chief Information Officer in the spring of 2020. He has 20-plus years of experience leading teams with expertise in application development, data governance, IT governance, disaster recovery, network administration and enterprise security. Earlier in his career, Poley co-founded multiple companies in healthcare markets including medical billing and SaaS analytics. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Colorado State University.