City of Arvada, Jeffco Public Schools and Apex Park and Recreation Celebrate Meyers Pool Reconstruction with Groundbreaking Ceremony

Arvada, CO – On June 20 the City of Arvada and partner organizations Jeffco Public Schools and Apex Park and Recreation District held a groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the start of construction on a new aquatics facility at George J. Meyers Swimming Center (Meyers Pool).

Leaders from each of the organizations shared the importance of the partnership, the project and the value that the new facility will bring to the community. Speakers included Arvada Mayor Marc Williams, Jeffco’s Executive Director of Athletics and Activities Patrick Simpson and Apex Board President Vicki Pyne. 

Mayor Williams emphasized the importance of the facility as a community asset that “promotes wellness and recreation, provides a sense of community and healthy competition.”

Williams highlighted memories that community members have shared as a part of the project through the City’s SpeakUp Arvada platform. Stories that make it clear “the facility brings people together who have a love of swimming and provides adults and children alike with an influential space to learn and develop.” 

Simpson emphasized the positive impact the new facility will provide Jeffco Public Schools students, teachers and families stating, “the cost of providing athletic activities for our kids is getting more expensive and a lot of that has to do with facility access and the cost of those facilities. The opportunity to have a first class, state of the art facility right here in the heart of Arvada and the heart of Jeffco Public Schools is a tremendous opportunity and provides access to many within our community.” 

Pyne continued through a sentiment of gratitude about the impact for the community, “...Meyers Pool feels like a little piece of home in our community. We’ve heard countless stories of kids taking swim lessons here, joining swim teams, and eventually becoming lifeguards who became swim instructors and then had families of their own back in our swim lessons. Just like the pool we are replacing, the new and improved Meyers Pool will be another multi-generational facility, welcoming young and old, current users and new users.” 

The City, Jeffco Public Schools and Apex are proud to commemorate this exciting groundbreaking ceremony moving the project from years of planning and design into construction.

About the Meyers Pool Reconstruction project

Meyers Pool was built in 1979 and is reaching the end of its useful life as a community facility. In 2012, an engineering review on the facility determined temporary steps to maintain and repair the existing facility while a long-term replacement plan was developed. 

Project timeline

The project will take place in three phases:

Phase 1: May to July 2023

  • Construction of a semi-temporary parking lot south of the existing facility
  • Pool is open
  • Existing parking lot in use

Phase 2: July 2023 to June 2024

  • Construction of the new facility in the existing parking lot
  • Pool remains open
  • Existing parking lot is closed, semi-temporary parking lot is in use

Phase 3: June to September 2024

  • Construction of the new facility is ongoing
  • Pool is closed
  • Demolition of the existing facility and construction of the new parking lot in its place

The project is anticipated to be complete in early fall 2024. Saunders Construction is the construction management, general contractor and OLC Designs is the architect on the project. 

Features of the new facility 

  • Additional dedicated seating for spectators
  • Secondary 25-yard pool for community use and programming 
  • Universal changing rooms to provide greater ADA accessibility and inclusive space for families
  • Expanded parking capacity 
  • Designed to achieve LEED Silver certification 
  • Advanced filtration system to conserve water 
  • Improved diving area with three 3-meter manufactured diving stands, three 1-meter manufactured diving stands, on deck warming showers for use between dives and cameras for recording dives and overhead safety harness for training purposes

Meyers Pool is owned by the City of Arvada. Jefferson County Public Schools is a main user of the facility. Apex Park and Recreation District operates and maintains the facility. Visit the project webpage for more information.

June 20 Groundbreaking Ceremony

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