Park and Recreation Month

July 2023 was officially proclaimed Park and Recreation Month in Arvada by the Arvada City Council. Park and Recreation Month is an opportunity to celebrate how Arvada is stronger, more vibrant and more resilient because of parks and recreation.

The City of Arvada and the Apex Park and Recreation District celebrated Park and Recreation Month by inviting our community to share how parks and recreation has benefitted them and positively impacted their quality of life. 

Even though Park and Recreation Month is over, you can still celebrate the positive impact parks and recreation have on our community. Here are 31 ways to celebrate parks and recreation in Arvada!

Park and Recreation Month Calendar

McIlvoy Park Pavilion

The history of parks in Arvada dates back to 1919 when Mrs. Clemency McIlvoy deeded her home and the three acres that surround it to the Town of Arvada with the understanding that it would become our first park, now McIlvoy Park in Olde Town (5750 Upham Street). This was an early contribution to what has been sustained community support of outdoor spaces as cultural, recreational and civic centers.