Arvada Housing Authority Releases Annual Report

Arvada, CO - The Arvada Housing Authority presented its annual report this past Monday evening at the Arvada City Council meeting detailing the authority’s strategies and actions for the period of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023. The Arvada Housing Authority Board is composed of Arvada’s seven City Council members who act as commissioners of the authority, which were presented with the annual report and draft of the authority’s annual plan for 2024.

The annual report outlined the authority’s key accomplishments and facts/figures detailing the impact of the authority’s work on community members in need of housing assistance. Highlights from the annual report are as follows:

  • The Arvada Housing Authority provided housing assistance to 453 households for the period of July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023
  • Total rental assistance paid to landlords during the reporting period was just over $6.5M, up from $5.7M from the previous year
  • 39% of the households served are elderly persons and 53% are persons with disabilities
  • To date there are 25 formerly homeless individuals utilizing a housing voucher from the Arvada Housing Authority who were referred by the Arvada Homeless and Housing Navigators

The authority continues ongoing efforts to encourage the development of affordable housing in Arvada and is partnering with developers in the creation and upkeep of seven affordable housing multi-family projects

“I think you all deserve lots of compliments on the way you run the voucher program,” said John Marriott, City Councilmember District 3 and housing authority commissioner.

“I believe we probably run our voucher program much more efficiently than any other organization around, which is a really good thing because it means that the money set aside for the authority goes to actually paying peoples’ rent and less of it goes to overhead,” he continued.

The report also outlined recommended activities for the remainder of the year and first half of 2024. Recommended activities include the continued efficient operation of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, development of recruitment strategies to gain more landlord participation in authority programs, and the exploration of new opportunities for funding and partnerships, among other activities.

The commissioners voted unanimously to approve the report as is without amendments. 

“We appreciate the great report and it’s great to see the impact (of the work) on peoples’ lives,” said David Jones, Arvada mayor pro tem and authority commissioner.

Read the full Arvada Housing Authority annual report and learn more about their work.