Candelas Parkway


The Public Works Department completed two traffic studies along Candelas Parkway. This work will help to understand the current and future traffic demand and conditions to determine any improvements that may be needed. The City is committed to ensuring safe, effective and efficient roadway design for all modes of traffic (vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian). 

Intersection Traffic Study (complete)

This traffic study was to understand safety at the intersection of 92nd / 93rd and Candelas Parkway. The study included data collection on traffic levels and operations, intersection sight distance, traffic signal criteria, and pedestrian crossing evaluation for the intersection. The study recommended a few actions: 

  1. Additional warning signs for drivers about the “intersection ahead” and “pedestrian crossing” ahead (complete)
  2. Removal of a few minor sight distance obstructions from bushes and signs (complete)
  3. Installation of a traffic signal to operate in flash (in progress, details below)

Corridor Traffic Study (complete)

This traffic study is intended to receive a more holistic picture of Candelas Parkway to analyze the function of the entire corridor in the context of current and future development plans. Intersections included in the study are:

  • Candelas Pkwy & Wilkerson Ct.
  • Candelas Pkwy & Saliva St.
  • Candelas Pkwy & Noble St.
  • Candelas Pkwy & McIntyre St.
  • Candelas Pkwy & W 91st Pl

Traffic signal installation at W 93rd Drive and Candelas Pkwy

Update 11/8/23: The plan for the signal has been updated to install the full traffic signal that will operate in flash. This is a change from the original plan to install only the east / west facing signal system to facilitate pedestrian crossing only. . 

This traffic signal has been designed and the underground infrastructure is in place. Once a contractor is hired, materials can be ordered. Lead time for ordering and receiving this type of infrastructure is about 6 months. Once materials arrive, construction will begin and take approximately 2 to 3 months to complete. 

Updates and Timeline

  • West 92nd / 93rd Drive & Candelas Intersection Traffic Study - complete
  • West 92nd / 93rd Drive & Candelas Intersection signage and sight distance modifications - complete
    • Additional flashing pedestrian warning signs - complete
  • West 92nd / 93rd Drive and Candelas signal installation - in progress (anticipated completion July to September 2024) 
  • Candelas Parkway Corridor Traffic Study - complete (interim improvements under review)


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