City of Arvada seeks feedback for Connecting Arvada, a first-of-its-kind Transportation System Plan

August 2, 2023 -- The Arvada Public Works Department, with the guidance of the Transportation Advisory Committee, has contracted the consulting firm Kimley-Horn to create the City’s first Transportation Systems Plan (TSP). The planning process began in mid 2023 and will extend through May of 2024. The City and Kimley-Horn are actively seeking community feedback on the current state of the city’s transportation system.

Public participation is key to a successful TSP

Public input is critical for the development of a TSP that is responsive to transportation system users. The project will ask for feedback in two phases. Now through October 1st, community members can share information about how they travel through the city and the current state of Arvada’s transportation network. Later, after analyzing this feedback alongside technical data, the project team will have a set of proposed recommendations that will be available for additional feedback to create the final plan. The initial phase of engagement uses a highly interactive, online mapping tool and message board. 

Online mapping: allows participants to provide feedback about a specific location by placing a pin on a map and adding a comment. 

Message board: allows participants to share general feedback and ideas about the project or transportation network.

Engagement is available at

Overview of the TSP

The purpose of the TSP is to identify strategies and priorities for improving the City’s transportation system operations and infrastructure over the next 20 years. The TSP will provide a policy and funding framework to guide investments in Arvada’s transportation network, ensuring the City can continue to meet the travel needs of all residents, workers and visitors.

Public Works Director Jacqueline Rhoades shared, “The work of the TSP is fundamental to prioritize future improvements to reflect our community’s vision for our transportation network. The work will inform planning to address a variety of areas of improvement, including safety and equity analyses, travel time reliability, freight, and bike/pedestrian planning. We are committed to advancing this work through the engagement of travelers in Arvada.”

The TSP takes a wide-angle view of transportation in Arvada. Steps include, (1) an in-depth analysis of existing conditions, (2) recommended improvements and (3) project prioritization based on the TSP’s goals and objectives. All modes of travel will be evaluated including vehicle movement, pedestrian routes, bike infrastructure, public transit and American with Disability Act accessibility standards.

The TSP will study the following topics:

  • Existing traffic and capacity analysis

  • Existing and forecasted transportation network deficiencies assessment

  • Future multi-modal opportunities identification

  • Transportation funding, resources and financial strategies

To stay up to date on all Connecting Arvada news and share your thoughts on the existing transportation network visit the Connecting Arvada project website.