Tips for Being a Caring Neighbor

Look out for your neighbors! Census data from 2020 shows 17% of Arvada residents are 65 years and older. Check in with your older neighbors and offer support where needed. Consider becoming their Snow Buddy to assist with snow removal from their walkways and half of their driveway.

Share treats with your neighbors! As seasons change, so do our eating and drinking habits. When getting to know your neighbors, consider exchanging recipes or taking turns cooking treats/meals for each other. Ideas for a neighborhood-wide block party include a baking competition to share cookie recipes.

Pass along information and resources with your neighbors! Arvadans who have lived in town for decades know how to navigate the area. They know the best spots to go for a scenic walk, grab coffee and enjoy a meal out. If you are one of these wise neighbors, share this information with your neighbors as they become accustomed to all Arvada has to offer.

Wave to your neighbors! According to the Gallup National Health and Well-Being Index, adults in the U.S. who regularily say hello to multiple people in their neighborhood have a higher level of well-being than those who don't. Learn more in the Gallup August 2023 news article.

Welcome newcomers to your neighborhood! More Americans move into new homes in the summer than any other time of the year, but any time someone new moves into the neighborhood, introduce yourself! Teach them about local resources and annual events in your neighborhood as well as recurring events led by the City. Developing connections with your neighbors is a key component to neighborhood resilience.

Neighbor Spotlight

Be Like George!

When snow falls in Arvada, a special group of volunteers called Snow Buddies step up to support their neighbors. George Breit lives in the Allendale Neighborhood and became a Snow Buddy four years ago. Last winter, he volunteered to shovel walkways for seven different neighbors. As our population ages, the need for Snow Buddies Volunteers continues to grow.

George is a retired GeoChemist who worked for the United States Geological Survey. After spending his career studying water quality and volcanoes, he continues to survey the natural world one shovel full of snow at a time. Volunteering helps him get to know his neighbors and create a positive impact while serving others.

“Everybody knows somebody that needs help. I’m retired and so far, the joints and back are good,” Breit explained with a smile. He says he maintains good technique when shoveling from his childhood of twisting and bending growing up on a farm.

The Snow Buddies Family is all inclusive, full of varied ages and backgrounds. There are elementary school students (who shovel with their parents), high schoolers, couples and older adults all contributing to do their part. Snow Buddies are matched with a neighbor who has requested assistance in their neighborhood. Volunteers receive a custom-designed beanie in exchange for their service shoveling snow. Come join the Snow Buddies Family!

Questions? Contact Neighborhood Engagement Coordinator, Brady Porterfield-Finn, at 720-898-7535. Learn more and apply to become a Snow Buddy.

Snow Buddy George Breit

George Breit