Energy Action Plan

Energy Action in the City of Arvada

The City of Arvada developed its first Energy Action Plan in 2022 through collaboration with Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy. This plan outlines strategies to help residents and businesses save money and resources. Explore the programs below that help support the goals of this plan and could help you save money! Find all of the utility rebates available to you at

For Arvada Residents

Whether you are just getting started making your home efficient, or you are looking to make deeper, more impactful changes to lower your carbon footprint, there are a number of resources for you to consider. In general, it is best practice to follow this pathway as you decarbonize your home:

  1. Plan for and take action on energy efficiency opportunities in your home, and consider electric heat pump technology when replacing equipment such as your furnace, AC, or water heater for even greater energy use reductions
  2. Green your electricity supply through a green power purchase or by adding on-site solar panels to your home once you understand your long-term electricity use 

Leaf growing out of the ground surrounded by coinsEnergy Efficiency

One of the best ways to lower your energy bills and also reduce the cost of renewable energy for your home is to reduce the total energy you consume. Xcel Energy and other organizations have several resources to help you reduce the cost of upgrades in your home. Check out the energy-saving programs and rebates that Xcel Energy and other organizations offer!

Starting Your Energy Efficiency Journey

Don’t know where to start on your energy efficiency journey? Sign up for a Home Energy Squad visit to get immediate savings and learn where else you can save!

For a limited time, Arvada residents are eligible for a FREE Home Energy Squad Plus Visit. 

Ready to begin? Check out our residential energy efficiency guide below!

Scheduling a visit with the Home Energy Squad is the perfect way to begin your energy efficiency journey. 

The Home Energy Squad is a team of energy experts that help you identify ways to save energy with a personalized home assessment. Plus, they do things like swap out traditional lightbulbs for LEDs, install a smart thermostat1, weather-strip a drafty door, and install high-efficiency showerheads and faucet aerators. Choose from our in-home Squad or Squad Plus visit or sign up for a virtual visit to receive expert advice through video-chat and a DIY kit shipped to your door. 

Schedule your visit online or by calling 303-446-7910, option 2.

Eligibility requirements apply: 

  • You must be a residential customer of Xcel Energy in Colorado.
  • Renters are eligible to participate in Home Energy Squad. Prior approval from the property owner/landlord is required.

Employee walking toward a house to do a home energy audit

Energy Saving Opportunities for Businesses 

Business Energy Assessment

Find easy and quick ways to save energy and money for your business with a free Business Energy Assessment from Xcel Energy. This assessment can help identify impactful, immediate energy improvements. Not a small business? Xcel Energy offers a variety of options scaled according to customer size, budget, and goals. Learn more at

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Renewable Energy

There are several renewable energy options to choose from, whether you are interested in on-site solar or purchasing renewable energy through a subscription. On-site solar may be right for you if you have already made energy efficient upgrades and your roof is not due for replacement soon. Subscription options may be right for you if you are not interested in investing in rooftop solar at this time, but still want to power your home renewably.

Two adults and a child standing next to a solar panel

On-Site Renewable Energy Programs

  1. Net Energy Metering
  2. Solar Rewards
  3. Battery Connect

Install on-site solar and offset your energy use by selling back the excess electricity generated from your solar system to the electrical grid.  

Learn more about Net Energy Metering

Subscription-Based Renewable Energy Programs 

  1. Renewable Connect
  2. Renewable Connect Flex
  3. Solar Rewards Community

Access renewable energy for your home at a low cost with more price certainty. This program is designed to offer flexible terms and subscription levels with easy enrollment and no equipment installation required.

Learn more about Renewable Connect