2024 water and sewer rates to increase to support reinvestment in $4 billion in assets and over $200 million in related projects

City of Arvada utility customers will see a 12% increase in water and sewer rates  in 2024. Stormwater rates will increase by 5%. On Monday, Oct. 16 City Council voted to pass the increase to support substantial reinvestment in the City’s aging infrastructure. Additionally, the fixed bi-monthly service fees for water and sewer will increase by $4 and $2 respectively.

New rates will go into effect Jan. 1, 2024. For a typical single-family household, this increase will result in approximately $22 more per bi-monthly bill, or $11 per month. The complete list of water rates by tier, sewer and storm rates, and all bi-monthly fees can be found on the Utilities Rates and Fees page.

Utilities Director Sharon Israel shared, “annual adjustments to utility rates and fees support our ability to provide high quality service to the community. This year’s increases will support repair and replacement of aging parts of our water, sewer and stormwater systems. Like most businesses and households, we have also seen a dramatic increase in costs due to inflation. Every year, when we look at our needs, we work hard to make sure we are keeping rates as low as we can. Even with the increases in 2024, Arvada’s utility bills are still in the middle of where our neighboring communities are.”

Much of Arvada’s water, sewer and storm system was built nearly 60 years ago as the city saw substantial population growth. Many parts of this system are reaching the end of useful life and need to be rehabilitated or replaced to maintain the level of service our customers expect. 

Over $200 million is estimated to be spent on projects in 2023 and 2024. These projects represent reinvestment into the utility systems, just like households reinvest in assets like roofs, plumbing, and furnaces. Long range planning continues to ensure high-quality, reliable services while keeping costs for customers at the lowest practical rate.

About the water, sewer and storm systems

Over 6 billion gallons of water are treated each year, distributed to 40,000+ customers through more than 600 miles of water line and removed after use by nearly 400 miles of sewer line. City employees keep these systems functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

These services are critical to the life and wellbeing of our community members. The City is committed to serving and supporting all customers through a dedicated Utility Billing Customer Service team. Available Monday through Friday 8pm to 5pm, the team can help with billing questions, interest-free payment plans and additional resources by calling 720-898-7070.