Hidden Gems Community Photo Contest

Arvada encompasses more than 39 square miles of recreational, residential and commercial spaces. Tucked into those diverse spaces are "Hidden Gems" that allow us to pause, reflect and cherish. "Hidden Gems" can mean different things to different people: a fishing spot under a bridge, a bench with a majestic view, a stained glass window in a church, a tree that has twisted in the elements over decades (pictured).  

We invite you to share your hidden gems with us and reveal Arvada's hidden beauty!

How to share:

Snap a photo of your hidden gem and email to [email protected]. Selected photos will be featured on the City’s social media platforms and in the Arvada Report.

Photo Submission guidelines:

  • Photo submission deadline is Dec. 12.

  • Send no more than 3 photos.

  • Include the name you'd like included in the photo credit.

  • Provide general location in Arvada where photo was taken.

  • Do not send photos with watermarks, logos, dates, names or captions on them.

  • No photos of businesses.

Photo Use Conditions: By sharing your photos with us, you agree to our photo use conditions

Participants in the contest agree to the following release: By submitting a photo to Arvada for the "Hidden Gems" contest, you grant the City of Arvada the right to use the submitted image in conjunction with your name for any informational presentation, print collateral and promotions, social media and websites, and informational/educational media without any form of compensation or royalties. You further guarantee you have adequate rights in the photo to grant to the City of Arvada and that the photo has not been improperly obtained. 


Questions about the photo contest? Email [email protected].

Twisted Sister Tree in Arvada