City of Arvada Launches 2023 Housing Survey

October 30, 2023

Arvada, CO - The City of Arvada Housing Division launched a new survey on Monday, Oct. 30, to collect information about Arvada’s housing market, including the current housing needs of workers, commuters, and Arvada residents. The information obtained from survey results will help the City create programs to better address housing needs in Arvada as well as help inform housing planning in the future. Arvada is seeking survey responses from Arvada residents, commuters, employers and their employees.

The implementation of this survey comes at the direction of the newly formed Arvada Housing Advisory Committee, which was formed in November 2022 and is composed of nine volunteer committee members. The Arvada City Council charged this new committee with developing a housing plan for the City, which will be created and presented to City Council over the coming months.

The City has partnered with Root Policy Research, Denver-based community planning and housing research firm, on the development and implementation of the housing survey. Root Policy will conduct the aggregation of data and provide the City with the results and analysis, which will be shared with community members on Arvada’s website at a future date.

“The City of Arvada currently has numerous affordable housing projects in the works, but we are excited to be developing an overarching housing plan to sustainably guide our housing solutions in the future,” said Carrie Espinosa, Arvada Manager of Housing Preservation and Resources.

“We are really looking forward to hearing what the community would like to see when it comes to the make up of housing opportunities in our city,” she continued.

The survey will run through Friday, Nov. 24 and will be offered in both English and Spanish. The survey takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. Survey links are as follows:



For further information about the survey and housing planning in Arvada, call or email Carrie Espinosa, Arvada Manager of Housing Preservation and Resources, at 720-898-7475 or [email protected].

For further information about Root Policy Research, visit