City Honors, Remembers Dillon Vakoff Following Verdict

December 7, 2023

Statement from Arvada City Council

City Remembers, Honors Dillon Vakoff Following Verdict

Today we want to focus on Dillon. Dillon Vakoff was one of our City’s finest. He grew up in this community, went to high school here and, after honorably serving his country, returned to his Arvada to protect and serve his community. We mourn Dillon and want to keep his family, his loved ones and his Arvada Police Department family first in our thoughts and our hearts. 

Thank you to the members of the jury who faithfully discharged their civic duty. Your verdict delivered justice for Dillon. No legal action will bring Dillon back, but today's guilty verdict provides some measure of peace that this senseless act will not go unpunished.

To the members of our Police family, thank you for your continued dedication to protect and serve our community. We are grateful for your service and your sacrifice.

And finally, to Dillon’s family and friends, thank you for sharing Dillon with us. He was a phenomenal young man who contributed immeasurably to the organization and the community.  We will hold his memory near to our hearts for the rest of our lives. 

Dillon's legacy endures as a beacon of dedication and service, honored by today's verdict that speaks to justice prevailing. Let us uphold his memory by fostering unity and resilience within our community, standing together in gratitude for those dedicated professionals who protect and serve daily with unwavering commitment.