Energy Saving for Businesses

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Learn about energy saving opportunities available for Arvada businesses, starting with a Business Energy Assessment. 

First Steps

Business Energy Assessment 

Find easy and quick ways to save energy and money for your business with a free Business Energy Assessment from Xcel Energy. This assessment can help identify impactful, immediate energy improvements. 

Not a small business? Xcel Energy offers a variety of options scaled according to customer size, budget, and goals. Visit Xcel Energy's website to learn more about their Business Energy Assessments

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Next Steps

Lighting Efficiency 

Upgrade your lighting equipment and save money with Business Lighting Efficiency rebates from Xcel Energy when you purchase and install advanced lighting control systems or energy-efficient light fixtures and bulbs. Energy Effeciency Lightbulb

HVAC and Refrigeration Rebates

Receive a rebate from Xcel Energy when you upgrade or replace your HVAC or refrigeration system with a high-efficiency system. Choosing a high-efficiency system can help reduce your energy use year after year, and you can lower up-front costs for improvements with Xcel Energy rebates. Incentives are available across many different types of equipment, including heating and cooling equipment, water heaters, heat pumps, food service equipment, refrigeration equipment, motors, drives, fans, and pumps. Learn more about HVAC and refrigeration rebates from Xcel. 

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Deeper Energy Savings

Custom Efficiency

Looking for more energy saving opportunities customized to your operations? Xcel Energy offers Custom Efficiency rebates designed for projects and equipment that save energy but do not fit the requirements for standard rebate offerings. 

Contact Xcel Energy’s Business Solutions Center and speak to an energy advisor to get answers to questions, verify eligibility requirements, and receive an application by emailing [email protected] or calling 800-481-4700.

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Strategic Energy Management

For large businesses using 1 GWh or more per year, take advantage of Xcel Energy’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program to help reduce your business’s energy cost, carbon footprint and increase sustainability. 

Xcel Energy’s Strategic Energy Management (SEM) program will provide you with a Strategic Energy Management Consultant (SEMC) that will help you interpret usage patterns, identify opportunities for energy savings, and verify the savings from your efforts.

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