What restrictions are there for signs?
  • Sign regulations are "content-neutral;" and do not restrict the message.
  • There are four Sign Districts that correspond to Zoning Districts and specific locational characteristics of the site.
    • Olde Town (OT)
    • Mixed-Use/Commercial/Industrial (MX/CI)
    • Multi-family Residential (RM)
    • And Single-Family Residential (RS)
  • The regulations for signs are based on structure, materials, components and durability, lighting, number, height, area and dimensions, duration, location, and maintenance.
  • Signs are defined as permanent signs - attached or detached and temporary signs -attached or detached with various types within each.
  • Some signs are exempt from permits, but must comply with the sign regulations.

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1. What restrictions are there for signs?
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3. Is there electrical involved (including any internal or external lighting)?