What proactive approaches are being implemented?

The City has established a homelessness team from multiple departments. The team meets once monthly to examine and explore resources and best practices that are being utilized across the nation in order to assist those experiencing homelessness. Current projects/approaches are:

  • Police Department CORE Team
  • Police Department Homelessness Liaison
  • Public Restrooms

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1. Who are the homeless?
2. How many people experiencing homelessness live in Arvada?
3. Why is the population of those experiencing homelessness growing in Arvada?
4. What proactive approaches are being implemented?
5. By providing services to those experiencing homelessness, is the City encouraging the population to come to Arvada?
6. How is Arvada PD responding to homelessness in Arvada?
7. Is it illegal to be homeless?
8. What behaviors and activities are illegal?
9. When should I contact Arvada PD?