How is Arvada PD responding to homelessness in Arvada?

The Arvada Police Department has increased its presence in Olde Town and is conducting extensive outreach to connect those experiencing homelessness with resources, while actively addressing public safety issues sometimes related to homelessness. Arvada PD follows standard procedures for enforcement of code and ordinance violations, regardless of the status of the individual(s) involved. Most recently, the Police Department has developed a new response team: the Community, Outreach, Resource and Enforcement (CORE) team. The CORE team is presently focusing its efforts in the area south of West 58th Avenue and east of Allison Street. Officers have opened lines of communication with residents, visitors, business owners, and the homeless population with the goal to find resource-based solutions. It is important to note that this team will also deploy strategic enforcement efforts when providing resources becomes ineffective.

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6. How is Arvada PD responding to homelessness in Arvada?
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