Why is this project necessary?

The main goals of the Lake Arbor Shore Stabilization Project are to 1) repair the eroded shorelines to improve public safety near the trails and 2) remove large sediment deposits within the western pond.

In addition, algae and unpleasant odors have been a consistent problem around the lake, especially during the hot, summer months. In order to mitigate these issues, the project will install features to improve water quality. These include:

  • A stable rock and vegetated shoreline to reduce erosion along the lake's edge
  • Wetland plants and grasses around the lake perimeter
  • More aerators that help elevate oxygen levels to break down algae in the lake

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1. Why is this project necessary?
2. What causes odor issues at the lake?
3. Why did the project take so long to begin?
4. Why isn’t dredging the main goal of the project anymore?
5. Will the fish and other creatures in the lake being impacted by construction?
6. What trees or vegetation will be added at the end of the construction?
7. What can residents do to help maintain the lake quality and reduce odor issues?