How to apply and permit review?

Applications are submitted electronically using the customer service portal, Arvada Permits. Electronic applications are only available to licensed contractors. There will be a minimum 1 business day processing review on each permit, a WTR SWR Service permit must be paid for and issued before work can begin. For permits requiring a street cut, there is a 1-3 business day processing review. Once the review is completed, the applicant will be notified via email when the permit is approved and ready for payment, all payments can be made online at

Important Information for Submitting an Application

  1. The Colorado 811 locate confirmation number must be entered on all applications.
  2. If installing new services (Sewer and Water) for new commercial and new homes from the tap/meter to 5' out from the building, you must confirm that the building permit has an ISSUED status before you submit your application. If the building permit is not issued, your application will not be reviewed. Use to search for the building permit by address.
  3. If you will be cutting into the street, provide the cut size dimensions (Length by Width) and a traffic control plan.

Utilize the eTRAKIT Application.

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2. How to apply and permit review?