How is the City addressing ongoing development and impacts on traffic?

To manage growth, the City uses a 30 year forecast that incorporates regional projections, city land-use policy and transportation analysis that is updated every 10 years with census data. This is known as the Comprehensive Plan. The City also evaluates traffic on an ongoing basis to ensure we have the most efficient, effective and safe traffic control systems at each unique intersection for all modes of traffic (vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist). 

When any development is proposed within the City of Arvada, City staff is responsible for reviewing and approving that development. This process includes reviewing traffic impact studies that assess the current and future projected traffic in the area. This process identifies improvements that are needed when the development is built, as well as future changes that may need to be implemented as more homes and businesses are added to the area.

In addition, the City of Arvada is about to initiate a Transportation System Master Plan project. The City of Arvada’s Transportation System Planning (TSP) effort is a significant effort that will eventually help identify the City’s ongoing and long-term transportation needs. The TSP effort will include extensive community engagement, data analysis, future transportation demand and management opportunities, and funding and resource strategies to make it a success.

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1. How is the City addressing ongoing development and impacts on traffic?
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