How do I purchase bag tags for additional bags that don't fit in my cart?

There are two options available: 

  1. Purchase extra “bag tags” for $3.62 each for any bags that do not fit into your waste cart. You can purchase bag tags at City Hall (8101 Ralston Road) or call 720-898-7070 for more information.

    *Please bring the exact amount in cash or pay by check. Change cannot be provided. 

  2. Add an additional waste cart to your plan. If you choose Service Level 3 (95 gallon waste cart), you can add additional carts for less than $5. It may be less expensive to have an extra cart. 95 gallon carts hold 7 to 8 tall kitchen bags.

Residents are also encouraged to consider leaving grass clippings on the lawn for healthier grass. Leaves can also be mulched and left on the lawn.

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