Why does my water taste or smell different?

There are a few common reasons water may have a different taste or odor.


  • Arvada water uses free chlorine as a disinfectant to kill any pathogens that could be found in drinking water. The EPA requires a minimum chlorine residual of 0.2 mg/L throughout the entire drinking water system. We try to maintain around 1.0 mg/L of free chlorine throughout the system.
  • The odor of chlorine may be stronger during the winter when total water usage decreases. 
  • To improve the smell, let your tap run for at least a minute before using the water. This will flush the older water out and bring in fresh, cooler water from the water main in the street. Another suggestion is to keep a pitcher of water in the refrigerator, allowing the chlorine taste to dissipate. If you use a point-of-use or pitcher filter to remove chlorine, please maintain it according to manufacturer’s recommendations.

Rotten egg or sulfur

  • These types of smells are usually caused by organic matter breaking down in your waste drains, typically from hair build-up or food waste. Clean your drains regularly with enzyme-based drain cleaners, or by using mechanical methods like a drain snake.
  • Another cause of egg or sulfur smells is a dry p-trap, especially in areas like a floor drain near your laundry or water heater. Simply add a few cups of water to the drain as-needed to refill the p-trap(see image below).

p-trap portion of plumbing system

Fishy or earthy

  • Fishy, earthy, or musky smells are often caused by certain types of algae, particularly in late summer and fall when the days are hot and dry. 
  • A variety of treatment methods help prevent and reduce algae from growing in our reservoir and mitigate it at our treatment facilities.
  • Sometimes algae can still enter our treatment facilities. Most of the byproducts of these algae are not harmful, just a nuisance. The problem will resolve on its own once they die off.

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