Why is my water discolored or have floating particles in it?
  • Red, yellow, brown, or even black water are caused by iron and manganese sediments that have settled in the pipes being released back into the water. This is usually caused from nearby physical disruptions, such as construction projects or hydrant operation. Flush your cold taps for several minutes until the water runs clear. If the water does not seem to clear up on its own, please call us and we can flush nearby hydrants to pull larger volumes of water through.
  • Black particles are usually caused by gaskets breaking down or falling apart. Clean and replace your faucet aerators and gaskets regularly to help prevent this.
  • White particles or cloudiness in water are typically just tiny air bubbles. This is more pronounced in the winter when the water is colder and holds more oxygen. Certain faucet aerators can cause this too.
  • Whole house water softeners or filters can cause problems with your internal water if not properly maintained. Please only install these apparatus if absolutely necessary and maintain them according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

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