Why do water rates increase?

Water rates increase year over year to keep up with inflation and general maintenance and repairs as needed. The City continually invests in our infrastructure to continue to deliver clean, reliable drinking water and dispose of wastewater after use. 

Just like homeownership, over time the City must make substantial investments to maintain, repair and replace parts of our water and sewer systems. Increases in rates and fees will help to fund the necessary reinvestment in these systems to ensure we continue to provide the level of service our customers have come to expect. 

Additional factors include: 

  • Our partnerships with Denver Water for about 75% of our water supply and Metro Water Recovery for wastewater treatment. These organizations also increase rates each year which are passed along to customers.
  • We also raise System Development Charges (SDC) to make sure growth pays for itself in Arvada.  SDCs are paid by new development to fund projects that add system capacity so our existing businesses and residents do not. 

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