When will I see increases on my bill?

Rate and fee increases will be reflected beginning with your first bill of the year. Customers across Arvada receive their bills at different times. Every customer pays for 365 days of water at the rate for that year. The bill reflects the 8 weeks of water use, prior to the bill date.

  • Here is an example:
    • If you receive a bill in January for charges from Nov. 15, 2022 to Jan. 15, 2023. The January bill will reflect water usage between those dates. Since the meter is read in January, once the new rates are in effect, you will pay the new rate, same as you had the year before. 
    • Another customer may receive their first bi-monthly bill in February reflecting use in December and January. 
    • Both customers will have completed billing cycles for 365 days of water usage at the 2022 rate and will pay for 365 days of water usage at the 2023 rate. The date at which that usage is reflected is just slightly different. 

Many people may not notice much difference until the warmer months when water usage, and outdoor watering, increase.

Please watch the Understanding Your Utility Bill video or visit the Rates and Fees webpage for more information.

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