Why do SDCs increase?

The City’s philosophy about SDCs is that growth pays for growth. In addition to adjusting for inflation, SDCs are the primary source of revenue to support planned development and the needs to expand the capacity of water and sewer infrastructure. Therefore, it is critically important that SDCs are accurately and completely calculated to be representative of costs to the City. 

Diligent work and thoughtful planning inform SDC amounts. The City performs quality checks to the calculations used to determine the increased amount. The City’s SDCs are based on:

  • A review of the value of water rights. 
  • Existing and future infrastructure needed to serve the customers being added to our water and wastewater systems. 
  • The financing to pay for increased capacity needs for new customers. 

This type of review is an industry best practice. The City is committed to continuing this practice on a regular basis to ensure SDCs increase to reflect the infrastructure that will be constructed to meet the needs of our growing community.

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