Access Arvada - Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

  1. City of Arvada Grievance Form

  2. Reasonable Modification Request Form

American Rescue Plan Act Funding

  1. Financial Transparency

  2. The City Budget

Cable Companies

  1. Submit a Service Request

City Charter

  1. Arvada City Charter

City Manager - Featured Videos

  1. Lorie Gillis - Featured Video

Festivals - Other Arvada Organizations Events Calendars

  1. Arvada Harvest Festival

  2. Olde Town Arvada

  3. Arvada Festivals Commission Website

Flatwork Replacement

  1. Scheduling Inspections Online

Housing & Homelessness Programs - Outside Housing Services / Resources

  1. Brothers Redevelopment

  2. Mile High United Way 2-1-1

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) - Help & Referrals

  1. Mile High United Way 211 Referral

  2. Mean Street Resource Guide

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) - Housing Choice Voucher

  1. 2024 AHA Plan (PDF)

  2. 2023 AHA Annual Report

  3. Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8) HUD

Housing Program - Fair Housing / Equal Opportunity Housing

  1. Colorado Civil Rights Division

  2. Denver Metro Fair Housing Center

Human Resources

  1. Volunteer Opportunities

  2. Jobs

ICC Code Adoption

  1. Building Code Adoption

Public Improvement Projects - W 72nd Avenue Bond Project

  1. Aerial Footage - Swadley to Quail

  2. Aerial Footage - Quail to Kipling

Records & Evidence Units

  1. Order a Police Report

Records Resources

  1. City Records Archive

    The City's official records repository records including council data, resolutions, and much more.

  2. eTRAKiT

    You can search building and permit records, find property profiles, get information on contractors, apply for permits, and schedule inspections.

  3. JustFOIA (Open Records Request)

    If you would like to submit an open records request online, you can do so on JustFOIA.

  4. Police Records

    You can order a police report online including crime reports, police dispatch CDs, and police photos.

  5. Records Request

    Print a records request form, or access the City's administrative rules governing CORA requests.

ROW Access Only

  1. Scheduling Inspections Online

Sales Tax - Additional Requirements

  1. Food Truck Permit

  2. Short Term Rental

Sewer & Water Service Installations, Repairs or Disconnects

  1. Scheduling Inspections online