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1. What services are included in the City’s waste & recycling program?
2. How do I find my trash pickup day?
3. Are trash and recycling services delayed for holidays?
4. How do I purchase bag tags for additional bags that don't fit in my cart?
5. How do I change cart sizes or add an additional cart?
6. Are there start up fees or additional fees?
7. If I join the City’s program and I don’t like it, can I switch to minimum service?
8. Am I required to recycle?
9. Does the City provide alley pick up when a house backs to an alley?
10. I sold my house and am moving out. What do I need to do to end my waste and recycling service?
11. Do I have to pay the Minimum Service fee if I do not intend to use the service?
12. How much of the Minimum Service fee goes to the City?
13. What happens if I refuse to pay the Minimum Service fee?